Some Positive Outcomes

A man with ankelosing spondylitis came to me for healing. His condition was dominating his life and he felt unable to work. After a few sessions his attitude to his condition changed and he was able to accommodate his disability into his life and start work.

Dear Geoffrey,

Good news. Just back from hospital. Very tired, sore and uncomfortable but the good news is that the bladder cancer is clear. Have to go back in 6 months for a repeat procedure, but as far as I'm concerned it's a miracle. Thanks to all Friends who have upheld me.

Love and Blessings,


A lady and her psychotherapist were using her dreams for analysis but after a time the lady stopped dreaming. She came to me for a healing session and this released her blockage and she started to dream again. And strangely enough a few weeks later another lady came to me with the same problem. One session of healing allowed her to dream again.

A lady who had recently married for the second time after a very unhappy first marriage was unsuccessfully trying to conceive. After two healing sessions she was able to put her pain behind her and she now has two healthy children.

A lady with several painful conditions came for healing. The next time she came she told me that sitting together with her husband after a meal she became irritated by the noise of her husband turning the pages of his newspaper and complained to him. She then realised that a long standing deafness had gone away. Unfortunately the pain stayed with her.

A man comes to me each week when he can as part of a regimen for maintaining good health.

A man with relationship problems was very much helped by healing.

A lady in remission from cancer of the ovaries comes to be each month to maintain her good health. Similarly I have a man as a client who had cancer of the prostate gland which has gone away.

I've been seeing Geoffrey for healing now for nearly two years on a regular basis. He has helped me to deal with a serious illness, physically and mentally. I feel wonderfully calm after healing and always in a better place.

The [cancerous] swelling has shrunk and there is less aching in that area. Also the chest [OCPD] is much better.

Dear Geoffrey,

You've definitely got healing hands!! You wouldn't believe the improvement with my tummy since I saw you last week, it's incredible. Let's hope it continues.

a client with IBS.

Had lots more energy and positivity since healing. Thank you.